Summer 2018

Summer 2018 Tournament Schedule

VA Virginia Beach Blast


Dates:  June 16-17

Location:  The Princess Anne Complex, 4001 Dam Neck Rd, Virginia beach, VA

Hotel:  Required

Teams:  Maroon and White 

Summer Slam


      Dates 7-8 July

      Location:  Seneca High School | Tabernacle, NJ

      Hotel;  Required

     Teams Maroon and White



      Dates:  July 14-15

     Location: 4000 Bay Road, Frederica De

      Hotel:  Required

      Teams:  Maroon and White

Please see our Location and Hotel pages for more information.

Practice Schedule

Maroon and White Team:   

Fee:  TBD

June (600pm-800pm), 13,15,20,22,27,29

July (600pm-800pm), 6,11,13


Fee:  $175.00

June (600pm-800pm), July (600pm-800pm),


Maroon:  Coach Balish, Claire, Molly, Jackie

White:  Coach Shantelle, Marie, Kylee

Gray:  Coach Alex, Marin, Ciaria, Bacon

Goalie:  Coach Drago, and  Coach Nate All teams will practice twice a week for two-hours per practice session at Howison Park

Class of 2020

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