Summer 2017

Summer 2017 Tentative Tournament Schedule

Nations Cup Tournament
June 24-25 Olney, MD
Maroon and White Teams Only
No hotel stay is required. Teams will play on both Saturday and Sunday.  Games begin early morning continue through late afternoon.

Summer Slam Tournament
July 8-9   Seneca HS, Tabernacle, New Jersey
Maroon and White Teams Only
Overnight hotel stay is required.  Maroon and White Teams will play on Saturday and Sunday.  Games will begin early on Saturday morning and continue through late Sunday afternoon.

Beach Blast Tournament

July 22-23 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Maroon and White Teams Only
Overnight hotel stay is required.  

Please see our Location and Hotel pages for more information.

Practice Schedule

Maroon and White Team:   

Fee:  TBD

June (600pm-800pm), 13,15,20,22,26,28

July (600pm-800pm), 6,11,13


Fee:  $175.00

June (600pm-800pm), 12,14,19,21,26,28

July (600pm-800pm), 5,10,12


Maroon:  Coach Balish, Claire, Molly, Jackie and Coach Kennedy

White:  Coach Shantelle, Coach Davis, Kylee, Marie

Gray:  Coach Alex, Marin, Maegan, TBD

Goalie:  Coach Drago and Huerta

All teams will practice twice a week for two-hours per practice session at Howison Field

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