Fall 2017


Maroon Team -  The players on this team consist of experienced players who are primarily rising juniors and seniors. Rising sophomores can play on this team with a recommendation from their HS coach and an assessment from the Wolfpack Coaches. Highly competitive level of play.  Wolfpack Coaching Staff select players (18-22) for this team.

White Team - The players on this team consist of experienced players who are rising, freshman, sophomores, and juniors. Competitive level of play (18-22 players).  This team is focused on a higher level of skills development and high school level of play.

Gray Team - The Gray Team does not travel.  The focus of the Gray team is to improve individual skills, though focused practices with experience coaches.   No experience is required to join this team. We break the team into small groups based on experience and age. 

Age group:  Middle school through high school players.    

Team Schedule

Maroon Team -  (4) two hour practices (Two Tournaments) 

 Practices: Sundays 400pm-600pm                      

Dates:  OCT 15,22 NOV  5,12

Tournaments:  Brandywine Classic Delaware OCT 29 2017, Virginia Beach Turkey Shoot, NOV 18-19, 2017                                             

Coaches:   Coach Balish, Coach Drago, Coach Palermo-Re, Coach Kennedy

White Team -  (4) two hour practices (Two Tournaments)

Practices:  Saturdays                                                                                                                                                                           

Dates:  OCT  14, 21 (0800-1000)  NOV 4, 11 (1100-100pm)

Tournaments: Brandywine Classic Delaware OCT 29 2017 , Virginia Beach Turkey Shoot NOV 18-19, 2017

Coaches:  Coach Valdez, Coach Nate, Coach Tessa

Gray  Team - (4) two hour practices No tournaments

Practices: Saturdays 0900-1100

Dates:  OCT 28  NOV 4, 11, 18 (possible a fifth practice)

Coaches:  Coach Alexa, TBD

*Location for all practices: Chinn Center

Fall Program Fees

Maroon and White Team:  $300..00 All players (includes tournament fees and practices).

New players add $60.00 (for new player uniform package).

Gray Team:  $100.00.

Optional Uniform fee for new players add $60.00 (for new player uniform package).

Please see our Location and Hotel pages for more information. 

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