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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the commitment to play for Wolfpack  Lacrosse Club?

Some absences are considered excused absences, such as for religious observances, illness, or important family events.  Absences not considered excused absences include, but are not limited to, friends, birthday parties, other sports practices/games, and family vacations (there is plenty of time to schedule these before and after the season).

What are the Club costs?

Unlike other clubs we run two separate seasons a fall and summer.  You are not locked into both the fall and summer.  Our summer program starts usually the first week of June and ends by the second week of July.   Maroon and White teams will practice twice a week two-hours per practice for approximately 10 practices, and attend three tournaments. The fee for the 2018 summer program is $575.00.  Upon registration a $100.00 non-refundable fee is required to secure your roster slot.  payment plans are available if requested.   Full payment of fees is required before our first tournament.  The fall program consists of four two-hour practices and two-tournaments.  The fee has not been set for the 2018 fall season  Last years fee was $300.00 for two-tournaments and four practices.   In addition, a Wolfpack uniform cost $55.0 and must be purchased when a player joins the club.

Wolfpack Lacrosse Club  Lacrosse is a Non-Profit organization, run completely by volunteer leadership. Fees are solely for the purpose of covering coaches salaries, field rentals, team/player tournament registration fees, coaches travel, lodging, per diem expenses, and club administrative costs.  Player lodging, food and transportation costs are not included.

If fees are not paid by the posted due date, the player's spot on a team may be forfeited and offered to another player.

What uniforms are required?
 The uniform package consists of 3 pieces:  One reversible  top, shorts and socks.  Players will keep the same uniform & number for as long as they play for Wolfpack lacrosse Club..

The uniform fee is $55.00.   Replacement uniform pieces can be purchased as needed.

How many tournaments are played and where are they?

There are two team who play in tournaments, Maroon and White. They play in 3 tournaments in the summer and 2 in the fall. More information about the tournaments can be found under the "tournament" tab.

Are there any out of season playing requirements/opportunities?

In addition to the Fall and Summer seasons, we run specific skill clinics IE shooting, goalie, and Draw.  We also, run a agility and conditioning clinic prior to spring try-outs. 

How many teams are there?
There are two teams that play in tournaments, Maroon and White. Maroon is equivalent to a high school Varsity team and White is equivalent to a high school JV team

We also have a third team, Grey, which focuses on introducing girls to the sport and improving their skills. Typically girls on this team are in middle school.

Where and when are practices?
This depends on the team as well as on the season. More information about practices can be found on the "calendar" tab.

What if a practice or tournament gets canceled?
If a practice or tournament is canceled refunds will NOT be issued by Wolfpack Lacrosse club.  We commit to certain payments up-front for every scheduled event (practices and tournaments), and many of our expenses are paid prior to the season.

What is Wolfpack Lacrosse Club mailing address?

Wolfpack Lacrosse Club
4222 Fortuna Plaza DR
Dumfries, VA 20225


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